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The Secret Prophecy
The Secret Prophecy

An anthropologist decides to research the origins of our civilization in the center of America, Chapada dos Guimarães. The Professor Robson is a scientist and only believes in facts that can be proven by science. Ironically he will face the mystic group that predicates the spiritual cure and the total isolation of the technology. The Guimás are fanatics that believe in the imminent end of the world.

Robson gets passionate for Malda, a guimá that tries to save her mother of the cancer. Robson does not believe in miracles and she does not believe in science and they live the conflict of two worlds divided between science and the religion.

This is a book that speaks about the limited vision of the man, either through science or of the religion, for the understanding of all. “The Secret Prophecy” goes to disclose things that go to touch your mind.

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