William Marques - writer
The Messiah's Secret
The My Role in the World

Exactly in the middle of the Chapada Diamantina, the Saviour appears, a man who decided to be against the religion and established an alternative society. He is able to cure the people and his theories have the power to create many enemies.

At the parting of the ways, Malda is pregnant and is under risk to lose the baby, but the Saviour seems to be the only salvation. Robson, who does not believe in miracles, will have the challenge to prevent the presence of the Saviour. Inevitably a great enigma appears between them: to discover the true paper in the world of Robson. Only this revelation will be able to save the life of the baby.

This book speaks of our mission in the world and of an occult side of our life that acts of unconscious and determinative form to accomplish our destiny.

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