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The Brazillian Plateaus
Mapa do Brasil com a localização das chapadas

Chapada dos Guimarães, MT

Chapada Diamantina, BA

Chapada dos Veadeiros, GO

Chapada (a Portuguese term) means a type of similar geologic formation of a canyon. Basically, it is a raised region of plain top, called plateau, and whose edge consists of thick walls originated through the erosion sedimentary. Through the thick walls some stratifications are perceived that disclose the diverse changes suffered by the region during the transformation of the globe. These stratifications count the history of the region, disclosing its diverse phases as desert, deep of ocean, volcanic eruptions, forests, etc. and also, disclosing to the old fauna and flora through paleontological evidences.

Brazil counts with 3 great and distinct chapadas, exuberant ones in its nature and excellent points of ecotourism that had inspired William Marques in his books. See a little of each chapada in the links offered by William Marques. You will find tips and a gallery of photos taken off by the proper author.
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